Our Health is our Full Wealth

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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

-Mahatma Gandhi

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It had been too long, I had posted about Health and Medicine that are part of Graduation. Today, I decided to highlight about Our Health is our Full Wealth. Yesterday, I was passing a stall that was selling roasted Chicken but Cocker had no covering around these roasted chickens to save them from dust and air pollution. It made an alarming situation for the health of all those people who were eating from these stalls. If I would have a microscope then I could make a demonstration for all the microbes they were taking with this raw cocked meal. Hence, it is the right time for me to write about health to make people aware of the value of their health that is affected by these polluted shops.

Table of Contents:

  • Importance of Health
  • Healthy Person Vs Diseased Person
  • Health Tips
  • Closing Thoughts

Importance of Health:

Health is as important as our property. I was studying in 3rd Grade when I came to know, “Health is Wealth” At that moment, I was not able to grab the true meaning of this quote. Because I had followed all the instructions given by my parents. One day, I have Diphtheria that made a layer around my gums and teeth. I was crying with pain. I was not able to take my regular meal. I was not able to sleep well. I was not able to even play. During the check-up, the doctor observed my dirty teeth. He first burst upon me, then he strictly advised me to brush my teeth daily. I didn’t understand again, “I am ill and my doctor is advising me about teeth brushing. What a ridiculous diagnosis by a doctor!” After a few days when my parents forced me to follow them, I was surprised to see my health was improving. Now I grab the meaning of the above quote. Because I had money all the time in my pocket but I didn’t have rest, enjoyment during sports, entertainment in class, or sleep after school. These all things can’t be sold by Wealth. These all are indirectly and directly to good health.

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Healthy Person Vs Diseased Person:

There is a big difference between a healthy person and a diseased person. If we observe society, then we came to realize people don’t like to sit with diseased people. He had an abnormal digestive, nervous, skeletal, respiratory, and endocrine system. Hence, he remained disturbed. He can’t focus on his aims and targets in life. He even can’t worship God in the right way. In short, a diseased person has many problems that He wants to get rid of but can’t.

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A healthy person can enjoy, play, read, sleep and eat well. He has a good mind Because he has good health. He has full control of his body function. He cares about his eating as well as sleeping Habit.

Lastly, a Diseased person wants to buy health by giving all their wealth but he can’t do it. Moreover, a healthy person has everything without wealth. Hence, Health is even more important than wealth.

Healthy Tips:

Being Medicine Doctor, I want to give you health tips that I followed.

  • Brush your teeth after each meal especially before sleeping
  • Sleep early so that you will get up early
  • Take your meal on a regular schedule
  • Don’t use carbonated drinks
  • Don’t take fast food regularly
  • Daily walk for at least 2 KM
  • Daily take ablution
  • Must use perfume or Scent because a body with a lot of smell can make you diseased

Closing Thoughts:

There is no replacement for good health. If want to live long, then we should care about our good health. We can’t ignore this fact. Our Good health demands some good tips that we must follow regularly. All rich people of the world can’t buy health. It is the blessing of God so we should take care of it. There is a reason behind every disease. Most diseases are linked to unhealthy practices. We should take care in case of eating, sleeping, playing and reading. We can’t cross specific health barriers, if we cross these limits then we faced a disease.

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