My Daily Dose either is Sunday or it is Monday

3 min readAug 24, 2022

Hello to all the Beautiful and Strongest ladies of Hive Community!
How are you all?

It is the start of the week and I want to write about my daily routine. I hope it will good interaction by something sharing with you and learning from your experiences.

I daily try to wake up early in the morning then I do the following activities for the whole day.

Start of the day and check your mobile phone

  • Clinical Work
  • Blogging
  • Trading

Note: Your routine can be different from mine so must share your activities for the whole day.

Start of the Day and Checking Mobile Phone:

I daily woke up early in the morning at 5:15 AM. The first thing I like to see is my Android. Believe me, it has addiction in my life either it is bad or it is good. I check all the what’s app notifications as well as emails. On my bed, I make a plan for the whole day. It took hardly 3–4 hours but these hours are really fruitful for me. Without a plan, we can’t get success per day. Sometimes I got good news and sometimes I become shocked by bad news.

Clinical Work:

After taking breakfast, I join the clinic thirty kilometers away from my home. Here I do basic diagnosis and treatment of different diseases. There are two phases of the clinic in which I take the clinical examination of patients. I am really enjoying my work. Mostly I recommend hygiene conditions and a proper schedule for healthy food. People mostly came with complaints of diarrhea and constipation which is usually due to unhealthy conditions.


I am active on the following platforms.

  • Read Cash
  • Noise Cash
  • Blurt
  • Hive
  • Steemit
  • Medium
  • Publish0x

All above platforms are really helpful for my financial growth. I clinic like to join these platforms with my fiance. We both had divided these Platforms where we make genuine Posts and Publish Quality content. These platforms have many good news and opportunities for us.


I started my cryptocurrency Journey from BCH. I am always thankful to the BCH community which played a very positive role in my life. From here, I made an account on Binance where I started my trading Journey. This platform is best for all cryptocurrency investors, especially those who love trading and want to see their assets will grow. It is included in my daily routine. I enjoyed crypto analysis on Binance especially when all ALT coins are dumping and pumping heavily. Till now I can make a good prediction in spot Trading. If I am not wrong then I need three years more for Margin and Future trading. These are no doubt more risky but profitable. I am a person who still has no gain or no loss in spot trading 😂. But I didn’t give up in any case. I hope sooner my life will be brighter with more trading opportunities. No doubt it required time investment and I am ready for my hard time.

My Last Words:

If I sum up the whole story then it will be like blogging and trading and trading and blogging in a day-night cycle. Life never makes compromises for success. We have to struggle for every activity. Blogging is my passion but now trading had brought hope for my financial support to me. In the journey of life, learning is really an ending phase. We should not understand ourselves completely. Even most of the time, we are never close to completion. Thanks to reading dot cash and Publish0X which really made many impossible things possible for me. Still, I love these platforms not for earning but also for learning. If you people want to grow in the learning and earning phase then must take exposure to these platforms.

Thanks for reading and supporting me. I hope you enjoyed my daily routine it is not so bad.

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