In NFTs Battle, I migrated my Investment from Oasis To Opensea

5 min readSep 7, 2022


Hello to all Beautiful Medium Families! How are you?

Today I just opened the Metamask wallet that I installed and added a network with the help of the great smartBCH Community. I am always thankful to it for making me an investor. I had to hold all my assets for many months. Now I decided to move one step forward because hop. cash is still not functional and the bridge for sBCH to BCH is not working. Moreover, I am not sure what will be the fate of smartBCH NFTs. Still, I had listed 14 NFTs on the oasis market and 13 in for a claim. Because I have lost my most of interest and I want to move towards Opensea or Binance NFTs.

My Investment in smartBCH:

I started my investment in smartBCH by buying an EBEN$ token from presale at one of the first dex Ben. swap. It was my profitable trading and I had returned my assets with 3X profit. After EBEN$ I decided to make my investment for CAT$. I also got some CAT$ from the airdrop. Moreover, after getting a profit a second time, I become passionate. I turned my ass towards NFTs. The first NFTs that I bought was Tropical Gull in 0.25 BCH that I sold back at 0.35 BCH. It impressed me and I moved from one NFTs project to another with new passion and new encouragement. Here are some of the NFTs that attracted me for my next Investment.

  • Reapers
  • Thornes Queens
  • Apes
  • Cattos
  • Fairy
  • Lads
  • Crypto-rats
  • Punk apes
  • First Summon Reapers
  • Wojaks

Above all Wojaks tokens, Cattos, and Wojaks NFTs are the worst part of my investment. I neither want to write any words more for them due to their negative progress and scam activities.

All these NFTs are still in the Expired actions tabs. I don’t want to claim them anymore.

Tropical Daiquiri:

I bought 500 Daiquiri for participation in their promoting activity. But unfortunately when I got the Promotional NFT value of Daiquiri becomes less than half of buying price. Still, they are present in a single pool and generate Daiquiri of no value. It was the second worst investment I faced on a trustable platform.


I also invested in NFTs(Shorai, PGC, and Kensho). I put all NFTs in Staking now I check the gas fee of unstacking NFTs that is greater than the value of NFTs Staked token NFTCs. Hence I don’t want to remove them. Might be there will be a pump in NFTC value in near future. There are 3 PGC and 3 Shorai in the Staking pool.

Last but not least Investment:

At last, I invested in smartBCH punk apes. Here I invested 0.5 BCH for minting. Unfortunately, I was not able to mint any rear NFT. I minted one NFT at the rank of #349 but still, It is listed and no one is interested to buy it because there is still no more progress in the project. Owner of the Punk apes claims sooner they will bring sports betting and staking in their projects. But till now we have to wait with Patience.

Reasons for Disappointment:

Although I invested more than 5 BCH in different projects and got a profit of 2 BCH some things resulted inindisappointment.

  • No further progress in the above projects
  • No NFTs promotional Activities like in other projects on sales of perch, shirts and cosmetics things, etc.
  • No valued staking reward Token
  • Reward Emission rate is still low

These above factors resulted in my disappointment hence I broke up with sBCH. Till now I love to BCH community and all time available for investment in any other NFTs projects. But to fulfill all financial burdens I need to move one further step. Hence I concluded to move towards Binance or Opensea polygon NFTs.

Opensea with Tally Ho exploration:

After Downloading the Tally Ho wallet joined the Opensea platform. Till now I have no exact idea for investment but I am learning from YouTube tutorials and experts on different platforms like Hive, Publish0X, Medium, Blurt, and Steemit. Through their suggestions and help, I shall be able to invest what I can afford to lose.

It was good interaction and communication with the smart Community. Now It is time to move towards more world with more opportunities.

I hope my entry into the Opensea world will bring more fruits for me. I tried my best for learning there. I hope my experience with smartBCH will also be a leading source for me.

In the end, I shall request to all my readers if you have any suggestions, advice, or anything for my guide must comment It will be an honor to learn from you.

Thanks for reading and supporting me.

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