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Hello Medium World! How are you all?
It is my first post after joining this platform for a couple of days.
After joining this platform, I was excited and confused about how I shall make my first post in the land of Expert Content Writers. After getting a lot of motivation from Pantera, I decided to start my first post with my Introduction. My name is Dr-Zeshan. I am a resident of Pakistan, Lahore. Recently, I am doing a Job on a farm and also the owner of a well-decorated Clinic in my city.

After graduation, there was a lot of Financial depression by the high inflation rate. Hence I decided to make mine in Virtual worlds. I started my blogging life by reading dot cash where I made a lot of virtual friends who all were nice and friendly. These people always guided me and motivated me about blogging.

Myself with Lab-coat

Now I am regularly publishing different content on different topics like analysis of cryptocurrencies, Health, Nutrition, Pet care and treatment, Daily Stories, Movies, Music, and Participation on different platforms. I found the virtual world is more productive than the real world around me. That is why my blogging life which started from scratch is now increasing like a snowball on snow rolling forward with more mass and more speed.

Two months ago when I was in University

Previous Month, I engaged my Turkish friend who is also a blogger on different platforms. She also uses the same name BlueFlipper as I fixed here but we have a division of content writing on different platforms to save our fans from any confusion. She is active on the following platforms.

  • Hive
  • Blurt
  • Read Cash

These above platforms are held and controlled by her. Following platforms are used by me and I publish something productive when I found.

  • Noise Cash
  • Steemit
  • Den
  • Dreemport

We love to name BlueFlipper hence we can’t make different accounts with different names. Hence we are using the same name on different platforms to secure integrity, worth, and our love for this name.

I joined this platform for learning as well as earning because both are synchronized to each other. I love to interact with people because different rites and rituals are always my favorite subjects. We all are human and peace preachers. I am slightly extroverted and more introverted. I am human with humane features. I always believe we can learn from a stone found on the road that many people think is useless.

I am hopeful and happy to make my first post here. This was my Simple interaction with the medium world. You people can ask any questions about me, It will be an honor for me to answer these questions.
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Privacy is my secret and Freedom is my love. Active content writer on Hive, Read.Cash, Publish0X, Blurt and Dreemport.